Are You A Disciple Maker?



Sergeant Bobby Guillory was a regular Jr. ROTC instructor at my high school just like the other instructors but one day that changed, he showed himself to be a disciple maker. Sergeant Guillory took the time to share the Gospel with me and invited me to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. While I had grown up in church and attended church on occasion I was not yet a committed disciple but because of Sergeant Guillory’s willingness to be a disciple maker, my life changed. He took the time to meet with me and several other students, we developed a Christian club and we grew as disciples. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ requires more than simply attending church on Sunday it requires that we make disciples. In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus instructed His disciples,

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

While we are instructed to make disciples, many believers struggle with how to actually do so. Here are five steps to make disciple making a part of your daily life.


1. Go

Disciple making does not happen just because you think about it, you must be intentional in your efforts by going to those that do not have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Building relationships with non-Christians does not mean that you have to start talking to random people on the street. God has already given you a spheres of influence with your family, friends and co-workers. One element missing in many of our current relationships may be spending time together. Believers must make an effort to plan time to develop relationships with the purpose of making disciples. You can do this by making better use of your daily routine. Rather than eat lunch alone, invite a co-worker. Sports fans may invite friends to watch a game together or take a trip to a sporting event. As you do this take time to ask questions like, “What do you think about Christianity or Jesus?” Hear them out then share your personal testimony.

2. Tell Your Story

While people may not be willing to read that “bestselling” autobiography that you plan to write, they may be willing to hear about how your life has changed because of Jesus Christ. You may not be best at quoting scripture nor at winning a theological debate but you are best at telling your story. Think about the number of times you’ve suggested a good restaurant to a friend, did you describe the temperature that food was cooked at or the type of stove the chef used? Chances are you described how the food taste to you and that was enough for someone else to at least give the restaurant a try. The same is true with your personal testimony of Jesus Christ coming into your life, take time to share what your life was like before Christ, don’t dwell on that part, dwell on how it has improved because of your relationship with Christ.

3. Invite

Invite your friend, co-woker, family member to experience the same kind of change you’ve experienced. It’s not enough to simply tell your story, you must also invite them to taste and see for themselves. One way of doing this may be to invite them to develop a relationship with Jesus by praying with them and asking them to pray with you. In the prayer ask them to confess that they are a sinner that deserves the wrath of God and to accept that God loved them so much that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die in their place and that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Or you can simply invite them to church and pray that God moves on their heart.

4. Teach

While in most churches the act of baptizing is performed by ordained clergy, teaching is something that everyone can take part in. You don’t have to have a degree in theology to teach, you can do this by being an example. My godson Caleb, he’s amazing by the way, called my wife just to share with her that he has learned his ABCs. He learned them because his mother and father took time to teach him. Growing up I learned how to cook not by going to culinary arts school but by simply helping out in the kitchen, cooking was modeled for me by almost everyone in my family, I simply followed the model. Your life is the best form of teaching. As you grow invite others to grow with you.

5. Repeat

This step isn’t complicated, it’s basic repeat the disciple making process and invite new disciples to become disciple makers as well.

A few days ago Sergeant Guillory traveled from New Orleans to Washington, DC for a graduation and I got the chance to connect with him. He’s now 70yrs old and thanks be to God he’s able to see the fruit of his disciple making effort. He thanked God that he was used to turn my life around and that God is using me to do the same for others. Now it’s your turn to go and make disciples that make more disciples.